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Oct 12 12 4:21 AM

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After a review of this past post regarding this question. I really do have the answer.  We need more residential input more than anything else.  The posts was views over 300 times and only a fraction responded.  It is important for your message to get to where it is needed.  Without suggestions from you the resident you are leaving it to the mayor and council to make decisions which they may think is right for the residents, but without your input they will never know.  We are not looking for a forum like the forum where there is no constructive discussion, we really do need your input.  Even if you think it is frivolous, put it out there.  Please embrace this opportunity and tell us what you think will help our small town.

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May 6 13 9:21 AM

1.  A Noise Ordinance for Residents AND Businesses -   People are constantly blasting their stereos from their houses, backyards, garages...even from their cars or trucks (while they're sitting in their driveways!)  It would be nice to just work around the yard or to be able to leave your windows open at night without being intruded upon by other people making noise and blasting music.  If i can hear it from next door, across the street or from UP the street...then it's too loud.

2.  A Pooper Scooper Law - Enough said.  I've already posted something about this and how chagrined i am to constantly find waste on my property.

3.  A Curfew for Minors - (Especially in the Summer when School is out).  It's not safe for kids to be running around outside at all hours of the night.  And guess what?  I don't need to be woken up at 1 am because they're laughing and screaming in the streets either.

4.  All of the above needs to be strictly enforced with Fines.  Nothing gets the point across like paying for an offense out of pocket.

5.  A Yearly Calendar of Dunellen Events mailed out to residents - Such as town meetings, School events, Art on the Green, street fairs, etc.   No one ever seems to know what's going on...and for people who don't know about the website, they're really in the dark.

......just a few thoughts.

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May 10 13 8:11 AM

1.  A Noise Ordinance for Residents AND Businesses -   It’s not my experience, its VERY quite at night on Prospect Ave."  But suggestion might help  :)
2.  A Curfew for Minors - I think the parents do this well as its quite at night in Dunellen.  To have a one square mile town have a curfew seems overkill, thats why they have not already done it.
3.  All of the above needs to be strictly enforced with Fines. "We are talking Dunellen, strictly enforced happens in Beverly Hills, CA.. Not Dunellen.. sorry, but thats thats..
4.  A Yearly Calendar of Dunellen Events mailed out to residents - "Should be sent via text to save money as it could cost hundreds to print/mail out etc.
5.  A Pooper Scooper Law - "That law exists already".  Just irresponsible people don't pick up.

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May 14 13 5:16 AM

Hey, thank you for taking the time to read and respond!

I live off of Front street and the noise is ridiculous.  And though i won't point fingers, there's some establishments that don't do much to keep the noise levels down after 10pm.... we've even been woken up after 12.

It's the same thing with curfews, mostly after school has let out for the Summer-  and my neighbors as well as myself have even had occasional property damage or trash left behind.  I've seen quite a few kids wandering around late at night in the Summer, but then again, maybe it's just where i live.... it could just be my area.

Again... thank you for responding!

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Jun 13 13 8:14 AM

There has been a lot of good stuff thrown out there.  Some already have controls or laws, and some should have them.  Getting opinions out is a great thing.  I like when residents come to a council meeting (1st and 3rd Monday of the month) and voice their concerns.  People think that they go unheard, but many of them are discussed long after the meeting.  Please keep adding to this forum.  I know it is read by the local government.

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Jul 4 13 5:44 AM

Summer is here and we will all be spending more time outside.  I see the town is approving block party permits. That is something I personally enjoy...  I have been hoping to see our PD out on bicycles or the motorcycle we have tucked away, haven't seen that in years.  I use to love it when the Pink Panther Italian Ice truck came down the street and most on the block lined up for ice.  Waking to lawn mowers staring up early in the morning. Running the kids around and forget about sleepovers or swim parties.  I can go back a lot further, but these are things I think of in the summer in Dunellen.

Please share some of the things that come to mind when you think of summer in Dunellen.

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