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Jan 26 12 3:45 AM

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It seems our downtown is gradually changing for the better.  Many of the store fronts have been refinished and make the downtown area look nicer.  We need to get some brand name stores into town and remove some of these stores that are unpleasant to the eye.  What do you think would help our downtown?  Please respond.

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Feb 9 12 6:12 AM

It is amazing.  This entry has been posted for weeks and nobody has made a entry.  It would appear that the downtown is perfect as there are no responses.  Please, advise your thoughts on our downtown.

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Feb 9 12 6:25 AM

Funny that 27 people have viewed this but no one has responded.  Anyway....what ever happened to the huge project near the train station?  Condos, stores, etc.  It sounded wonderful, but it seems to have faded away.  I never hear anything about it.

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Feb 9 12 6:27 AM

Funny that 27 people have viewed this but no one has responded. Anyway....what ever happened to the huge project near the train station? Condos, stores, etc. It sounded wonderful, but it seems to have faded away. I never hear anything about it.

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Feb 9 12 6:28 AM

Another reason no one has posted here - it's kind of a weird forum, kind of hard to post, a pain in the butt to join because of all the offers.    I think there are easier forums available than this, or maybe a FB page would do.  

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Mar 12 12 11:44 AM

You are referring to the redevelopment plans.  After the town went through three redevelopers, it was put on the back burning.  It is something still being worked on and we are even looking at bigger picture, to become a transit city.  This will bring more revenue to the town in the way of grants. 

People don't relieve that is difficult to do these things with the small tax base we have in our town.  Most of the revenue is used to keep the town going.  Not much left for wishes.  Maybe after the economy straightens out a little more they will again offer grants that we may take advantage of.


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Mar 15 12 4:40 PM

keeping the sidewalk clean is a big help. In europe, the store owners all clean the sidewalk in front of their store each morning.  I am not sure why this isn't required.

I also think some flowers or planters would be nice. I am not sure of how involved this would be because I think you might need commercial planters. The apartment building next to Heidis always looks so nice with the flowers

I think the owners of the buildings who have been re-facing them has been a big help- and this is making a big difference.  I wish more would do it.

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Mar 15 12 6:16 PM

I believe the town has taken many steps in the wrong direction, Bail bonds store and now a cash for gold store.
Also it's time to get rid of all the meters, looks trashy!

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Mar 16 12 3:58 PM

Totally agree that bail bonds & Cash for Gold are not the right direction.  I too was disappointed to see both of these in town.

Regarding the meters- I think there is a need for them on the main street only because the people in the apartments would never move their cars.  And there are a lot of people in the apartments in these buildings.   So I don't think there is any way around it.   As it is, I only shop downtown if I can walk.   There are ways to redesign existing streets & main streets to make them more pedestrian, business and parking friendly. Maybe this will be looked into if we become a transit hub. 

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Mar 21 12 6:58 AM

I would love to see a quality butcher in town, similar to John's in Scotch Plains.  I'm not sure that enough people would spend the extra money as compared to the grocery store though.  Bill tried like hell to keep his hardware store open but Home Depot and Lowes put him out of business.  Everybody, including myself, would love to see the dirty D be more like Westfield or Summit but I just don't see it happening.  Dunellen, Middlesex, nearby Piscataway just doesn't have the income to support the higher end shops we all would like to see.  Convert the multi family homes back to singles,  Make taxes affordable, lower resident commuter parking fees or offer a free shuttle to the station, offer daycare past 6 PM for NYC commuters.  Make the town more desirable to higher income families and they will come. 

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May 18 12 5:06 AM

Silverbridge, I agree with you completely.  You mentioned Westfield or Summit, but what about Somerville?  It's amazing what they've done with that town.  Everyone was so afraid the Bridgewater Commons would wipe that town out, but they turned it around and it's an amazing town now with lots of restaurants and stores.  A great place to go!  Why can't Dunellen do that?

As for a butcher, you are absolutely right, but I don't see that happening.  I think those days of butchers, hardware stores, shoe makers, are rapidly disappearing.  You brought back a great Dunellen memory for me, though.  I grew up in Dunellen going to Stransky's Market run by Frank Stransky.  What a nice man and what nice memories of going into the store with my father and getting free samples of coldcuts! 

It's very hard to support such a small town.  I can't believe Dunellen still has its own school system.  There's been talk in the past about combining with Bound Brook, another struggling small town.  In fact, there was talk many years ago about combining several services that are duplicated in each town.  I don't know why these ideas were dropped.

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May 29 12 4:32 AM

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Aug 15 12 8:07 AM

HI all

That burnt down pharmacy has to go
It s been way too long, not sure why it is allowed to have it that way, in the middle of the town for that lengh on time

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Oct 22 12 4:52 PM

Our downtown could use:
1. Flowers and planters strategically placed. 
2. More trash cans
3. Trash cans emptied more regularly- not sure of the schedule
4. Get businesses to sweep/clean up trash in front of stores. It is better now than it had been, but this should be a regular thing.
5.  Have some of the owners of businesses do a little something with their store fronts. clean the junk out of the windows. Maybe someone can help them with a display to make the windows look better.
6. Get some of the businesses to clean up the buildings/store fronts. There are several that are a bit run down...and a little paint & straightening up would be huge.
7. No parking signs for street cleaning. I never have any idea when they are going to clean the streets.
I always park on the street, but if I got ticketed as they do in some towns..I would not during street cleaning day.
8. A dog park.  How bout the area near the big grey house on Madison Ave. Doesn't have to be big, but there are TONS of dog owners...and I think it would get a lot of use.

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Oct 23 12 11:45 AM

Now that is exactly what we need.  These are all very good ideas and it would make our town a lot better looking.  Thank you very much for your input SmallTownGirl, you are so right.  I will add that to the list and I can really relate to many of the things involving the downtown.  Many years ago I was involved with an organization in town called The Dunellen Town Committee and we targeted many of the things you noted.  Council member Jason Cilento also targeted these things but what happened to the Town Committee also happened to him.  The followers come out a few times and disappear.  The only way this can get done is to impress it upon the store owners and our zoning officer George Deene. There are ordinances already in place regarding the signage and cleaning in front of your business.  Thanks again for your addition to this forum.

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May 6 13 6:54 AM

I think you've received so few responses because there's many residents who don't read or even know about the boards.  Maybe the town can send out a postcard to residents and let them know about the site and about the boards in general.

As for the thread topic, Store owners need to keep the front sidewalk and areas around their store fronts clean.  Anytime i'm up on main street, there's debris and garbage on the sidewalks.  We need garbage receptacles and for the store owners to keep their spaces up.

I work in Somerville and they've done a fantastic job at beautifying the main street with large pots of ornamental dwarf trees and flowers.... i think Dunellen could benefit from this.

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Jul 15 13 10:00 AM

How about having less signs on the pharmacy and Mikes Subs building. They just built a nice new place and they have all these signs littering the front of it (lottery and open signs). crazy. clean it up. looks horrible!

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