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Trash Removal Contractors in Dunellen

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Apr 20 11 11:16 AM

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I will be closing on a home in Dunellen next week and I found out that trash removal is handled by contract companies for Dunellen, not a part of the township.  I was given the names of two contractors that are servicing Dunellen:  Can Handlers and Preferred Maintenance.

I've never lived in a town that used contractors for trash removal.  Does anyone have experience with either of these contractors or can recommend either company?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

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Apr 21 11 5:19 AM

I use Preferred Maintenance. They pick up twice a week and if your day falls on a holiday they will still pick it up. Preferred has resonable rates and they don't raise their prices out of the blue like Midco does. I have never had any problems with them.

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Apr 21 11 5:30 AM

JCKAT, thank you.

I'm looking for as much feedback as possible from residents, so any information is appreciated.  Midco was another name OHHJOY mentioned, one I hadn't heard about, so all this feedback is great.

If anyone else has a recommendation, I'd appreciate it.

And if trash removal isn't a part of our property taxes, then why, again, are my taxes so high for Dunellen?  ;-)

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Apr 21 11 10:35 AM

I have had Prefferred Maintenance for over 5 years.  I have never had a problem and my rate has not changed.  I would highly recommend them.

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Apr 21 11 12:14 PM

I'm beginning to see a trend here for Preferred Maintenance.  The feedback is very welcomed.  Glad to see the Dunellen community shows some interest in the well-being of its neighbors.

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Apr 22 11 8:28 PM

I use Midco, when I moved here 6 years ago it was 26 a month, for an extra 2 bucks they pick up the cans from your back yard.
I currently only pay $70 every three month for the back yard service through Midco with a little negotiating, threatening to leave them.

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Apr 23 11 4:47 AM

It's now two and two.  Not one recommendation for Can Handlers.

Glad I asked on this forum.

Just a few more days before I move in.  Excited.  This is the last service I need to establish before moving.

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Apr 23 11 6:12 AM

I must comment here, I usually try to not get involved in these residential discussions.  I felt I had to add something no one else as added.  I use Preferred and I don't have to put the trash out to the curb.  They come right into my backyard and pick up. I find this to be very beneficial as you can't forget to put the trash out.  Something I would forget from time to time. I have used them for about 12 years and have no complaints.  Special pickups for large items are not a problem either.  One call and it is taken care of. The Aiello's (Preferred) have always responded when I needed something. Lots of luck in your search.

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Apr 26 11 5:21 PM

Everyone, again, thank you for your feedback.  I appreciate the recommendations and advice, and when possible, I try to support local business, which is so prevalent in this part of New Jersey.  Having come from southern New Jersey, I've witnessed most small businesses and restaurants fall to large commercial and chain establishments.  I'm glad to see residents not only recommend their favorite businesses, but also know the owners by name.

This forum has been a big help, and I'm glad to see members contribute to it, as well as read it.

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May 24 11 5:36 PM

I am a Can Handlers fan!!  I had Midco for 12 years. I got the Can handlers notice, but did not sign up. I have friends in town who did switch over for about a year. When I learned that they were HALF the price of MIDCO....and this is for street pick up- that did it for me.  Additionally, when I called Can Handlers for pricing, they advised me to WAIT till my MIDCO stuff was done (they bill in advance) because I would not end up getting a credit back for un-used service if I cancelled early.  I was impressed by this- because Can Handlers didn't get my business for about 3 months till the Midco stuff expired.  I have had good service with them- Never missed a beat. 

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