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Apr 5 11 7:59 AM

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My home was built in 1927and has oil heat but the tank is newer. I was thinking about moving to gas. I have two questions. 1) Will I really save money 2) Can I get a portion of the cost back in my taxes next year?  Thanks for the help - Rob  

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Jun 2 11 4:38 PM

I have been investigating this a bit. PSE&G didn't offer any deals a few years ago if you were switching. In fact you were better off having a gas heater & eligible if you upgraded to a new more efficient one...same discount was not available if you were converting. Also, sometimes they make you get a temporary take (if you have inground) before they will switch you over.   There is no way around it, you have to do the investigation.   Get the cost of disposing of the take (they have to put stuff in it to make sure none of it leaks when they cut the tank in half), getting a new heating system.   PSE&G does offer breaks for solar & you can get some money back &  the conversion is supposed to cost 0.00...if you agree to sell the extra back & with rebates. Again, investigation because nobody will recommend a solar installer, etc. You have to have folks come out, hear their pitch.  If you are looking into solar- make sure the installer is UI (??) trained. Apparently this is kind of new. Not a lot of standards around solar installation and they are trying to get people trained & field standardized.  If I was switching I would look for a gas/electric combo with Solar...expecting to recoup my cost for new heater 5,000 ++?? over the years.  I suspect that Gas will be cheaper than oil and much less eratic in pricing.   PSE&G has to allow other suppliers for gas & electric and from what I can gather with research, these other suppliers are definitely cheaper (10% or so) Just have to be careful since some of them have complaints about billing issues! 

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Jun 13 11 7:16 AM

I recently converted my house from oil to gas and used a friend who is a licensed plumber for the job and he did for a little over 3,000 with the cost of the new boiler. He did a great job and it only took about 3 days total. We are very happy with the work. I had got 3-4 other quotes for doing the job and they were all 10,000 or higher. Let me know if you would like the plumbers contact information.

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Jun 15 11 2:55 AM

Can you provide more info on this as I am interested. My questions. I assume the 3000 was for tank removal and conversion not the heater? Since quotes I have received for new furnace have been 5000 just for furnace. Also I have radiated heat which I want to keep...that seems to cause some folks to try to talk me into forced air which I don't want. Do you havew radiated? Did the plumber do the tank removal? Are you sure he didn't give you a very special price?

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Jun 15 11 4:59 AM

My price did not include tank removal but did include the new boiler and old boiler removal. We ran our tank to empty the previous winter and then posted it on craigslist and actually sold it. My house has a boiler and not a furnace so I am not sure what the price difference would be between the two. We probably did get a better deal since we are friends with the plumber but I am positive it was not much higher since this plumber has also done work for other people I know that were not friends of his. I can send you a private message of his contact information. I cannot make any assumptions about price due to each house setup being different but I can 100% testify we are very happy with his work. Hope it all works out for you. I will send you his contact information.

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