Mar 6 11 6:15 PM

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I see over at the other forum that people are talking about this stuff. I agree with some on that site, in that, you don't see the police out much. I see them on Washington sometimes but, never really see them on patrol much. I just hope that someone see's the creep(s) and they get em' before anything horrible happens. I also wish that they would post actual town news somewhere on the website. I just found out that there was even another town website(useless because half links are in some strange language). I was trying to sign my son up for some Spring activities and called the REC. Dept. and find out that I was late and should have known about the new website(not that it's mentioned anywhere for residents to see). This town REALLY SUCKS WHEN IT COMES TO INFORMING IT'S RESIDENTS! That's at least one good thing about these forums, you get part of, or some version of a story. Better than nothing. Would be nice to here the official story. They should have those electric word signs on 28 with information when something this serious happens. It's really something we should all know about! Thanks Mayor. Thanks P.D.  Glad I see you earning my property tax dollars.