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Feb 24 11 10:35 AM

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I'm a Realtor who obviously lives here in Dunellen and watch the local housing market. There are approximately 35 residential, including multifamily homes for sale in Dunellen. With a few being short sales. It kind of raises an eyebrow.  

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Feb 24 11 1:11 PM

I'm sure Dunellen isn't the only town that has the same situation.We do have to many multifamily units and a LOAD of rentals.I do a lot of walking and I am in shock about how many meters I see.(Multimeters on single buildings)

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Feb 25 11 3:18 AM

With the economy only on a slight rebound and the home values dropping so much over the past few years, I believe this is a factor in every town.  In fact I would have thought you would be more knowledgeable of the increase of homes for sale in every town if you sell real estate.  Dunellen is about average for the number of homes on the market based on the number of homes in the Borough.  There is nothing we all can do to turn the market around.  Someone such as yourself should be wrapping up on the bargains available out there.  I take your notice as implying there is a problem in our town.  Your right, there is, but it is inherit to the entire country.

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Feb 25 11 8:01 AM

No, not implying there is a problem in our town. Yes, there is a lot of homes on the market in all towns. I just wonder if people are just wanting to move out of town, and if so why. That's all.  Please don't take my comment the wrong way. I have spreadsheets with market data of all the surrounding towns.  I like this town a lot so I watch it more.

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Feb 28 11 6:12 AM

Just curious, how many are for sale in North Plainfield or Middlesex or Green Brook?  Are we proportionately higher?  Middlesex has about twice as many *housing units* as Dunellen.  Are there 70 for sales there or less?

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Feb 28 11 9:50 AM

My records, which I update once a week,show: Middlesex has approx  69 for sale, Green Brook has approx. 46 and North Plainfield has an approx. overwhelming 167. Are we higher?  NO . It wasn't my point to say Dunellen, was higher. It has grown but not proportionately higher.  

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Mar 14 11 5:18 AM

After pondering this a bit, maybe it isn't such a bad thing.  At least it might slow down the practice of putting a new multi-family or condo on every little patch of land.  What were they thinking putting up houses on Hall St.?  Who wants to live on the street the DPW garage is on?  Does the listing mention the beautiful 2nd floor views of the recycling Dumpsters?  Location, location, location.

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Apr 14 11 1:18 PM


Tudor home is made from brick and/or stucco with decorative half timbers exposed on the exterior and interior of the home. They usually have steeply pitched roofs, and long rows of casement windows, well in most cases. 

LOL I would love to see that ad!!  I guess you couldn't tell me that in the forum. You should call the advertiser. 

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Apr 15 11 5:00 AM

I may still have it at home.  Looks like I can post an image here.  If I have it, I'll scan it and pop it up tonite.  It was in an ad for a $299K tudor on a dead end and a $249K townhouse.  The realtor in the ad shared your first name.

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Apr 16 11 5:10 AM

Unfortunately, I don't have a listing for a Tudor Home. I wish I did, though. LOL 
I work for ERA Van Syckel, Weaver & Lyte in Bridgewater on Rt. 22. I know who that Dawn is, her husband does a lot of building and repairs in town. I just looked up the listing.

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Apr 22 11 8:19 PM

There are so many homes for sale because the town is in shambles, north ave looks like West Plainfield, taxes are high, and the town issued to many variances for multi-family housing, which in turn caused an influx of renters.
instead of putting lights in Colombia park we could of used the money to clean up the town.
DPW needs to start doing their job instead of just sitting around at the recycling center.
When I moved here 6 years ago my taxes were 5600, now they are 8400.
I think its time to re-visit the school merger topic again, with Green Brook.
We do not need a super and business manager making 175k a year each.
We can not afford a middle school and high school with a 70 kid graduating class.

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May 24 11 5:53 PM

Dunellen is way improved over what it was 12 or 18 years ago. I moved here 12 years ago, and looked for an apartment here about 18 years ago, As a single femal looking for an apartment in the evening I remember the theater being run down (when I went in it for a movie it was run down, dirty and the floor was sticky, the go-go bar a few doors down & the Liquor store on the other side of the street (where the expanded Quick Check building is ) and the down town being kind of dark- I wasn't worried for my safety, but I did notice the drunks walking to the liquor store- (day & night as I remeber passing  them with my 2 year old daugher on walks in broad daylight)  I don't miss that, or the Go-go bar which burned down.   Also- the parks were a run down mess. 12 years ago, I couldn't bring my toddler to Moorecraft. The jungle gym thing that kids could climb on near the basket ball court was mangled & someone lit it on fire. The grass was weeds. Columiba was not much better...not a place you really want your toddler running around with broken glass.  ROARS made a difference and turned Moorecraft around...boy..I was so happy.   So, I am not sure what Dunellen people are reminiscent of, maybe it was 30 years ago. 

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Jun 1 11 7:47 AM

I don't think it would be possible to merge our schools with Green Brook's, they are not Middlesex County. I think the the best way to save some money in our school system would be to have one prinicple for the Middle and High Schools. There are not that many students and one person could handle both schools without even going having to go outside, since the buildings are connected.

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Jun 2 11 4:26 PM

I was thinking about your comments about the DPW. I don't know how many folks we have on staff at DPW, but I do know that compared to other towns our street quickly cleaned from winter snows. To me it was an improvement from years past.  Middlesex, Piscataway and NPlainfield were all complaining about how nobody came for 2 days.  I think the DPW did a fab job with the winter snow. Whether DPW is supposed to weed the downtown or not, I have mixed feelings about this. The trash is emptied, so I am not sure what there role in the downtown is/should be.  DPW in my town growing up never cleaned up the downtown. I thought it was the job of each business and home to take care of their own properties. 

Regarding the lights at columbia. I am not sure how they were paid for, I thought it was government money or something...and it was years in the making.  I don't know how much they cost, but I don't know that the one time dose of money would make a big different to the downtown. I think community involvement & getting folks to clean up/spruce up a few times a year would help (I think this is what they were trying to do with the day they set up a few weeks ago).

Regarding the apartments-   I thought there had been a moratorium on apartments for 6 or 7 years.  I have a friend who has a big house that could be 3 apartments, but had 2 official apartments. Went to add a 3rd about 7 years ago & was told they could not.  No new apartments. I agree, there are a lot of house apartments, but some have been here for many years. I noticed all the meters on the sides of the tiny capes when I moved here 12 years ago (and thought it quite odd)  Additionally, I have friends who grew up in this town (in their 50's) & their parents are the kind of folks that split their small colonial or cape into 2 apartments 30 or 40 years ago.   Not sure how a family can live in these small set ups, but apparently they did 30 years ago and do now. 

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Jun 29 11 7:36 AM

Could it be that this town is going down hill fast?

I bought my house in the mid 90's... my dad grew up here.  It breaks my heart to see the trash roaming the streets at all hours, the renters who have no respect, the drunks screaming & laughing in the parking lot of a certain establishment that apparently is above the law, as if having to endure their noise isn't enough.  You try to call the Dunellen PD and you get routed to New Brunswick!  So, you have no idea if your complaint is being heard, being taken seriously....or if they even care.

Hello, Mr, Mayor- DO you care?  And if you do then when are you going to do something about the horrendous conditions in this town?

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