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Dec 10 10 3:23 AM

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I thought it would be a good ifea to see if we could get a forum focused on what Dunellen needs.  This could be beneficial to the town.  Please pass along your idea(s).

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Dec 10 10 4:37 AM

I think the Town Council should post the minutes to the council meeting on the website. I get home late most nights from work and can't always make it to the meeting. But, I still would like to know what goes on in our town. I read the forums but that tens to be one sided and I don't always know whats true or  just someone just adding their own truth. The Board of Education post minutes on their meeting, something like that would be great. 

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Dec 13 10 3:09 AM

Posting the minutes of the meetings, new ordinances and referandums is coming.  There is a new website coming called  This will have the government information available for everyone.  It is being constructed now.  The website will continue to carry the downtown places, events in town, and the other things not related to running the government of the town.  We should see this new site sometime in 2011.

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Jan 10 11 6:07 PM

I think the town could use a little face lift. It's nice to see some of the empty places being filled in. Zuppko's really looks great after it's makeover. Maybe the train bridges should be painted with the towns colors and Destroyer symbols. More town clean ups. Things like that. All-in-all, it's starting to pick up a little bit.Hopefully when it gets warm again, it doesn't bring another B&E spree from some Plfld res.

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