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Nov 22 10 12:53 PM

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The forum on central jersey is getting a little old.  thought we needed a new forum.

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Nov 30 10 5:52 AM

Anyone have any feelings on the center of town lately? The new lights look fantastic and Zupkos looks great after the face lift but, the rest of it is starting to look a little ruff(especially in the evening). Does anyone else feel this way?

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Nov 30 10 9:45 AM

I do, I wish we had the Westfield center of town look. We would probably bring in better patronage to our small town businesses. My husband and I feel the small town businesses deserve better. 

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Nov 30 10 11:09 AM

I agree with that. I feel that the town started to slip a little once CVS left. It seems as though the  council has allowed anything and everything business wise, to come to town. Some good, some bad. It's nice that some of these vacant storefronts are being filled but, they just aren't any type of business that interests me or my family. It seems that most of these businesses are suited for the renters or  out-of-towners. It looks like the old rental equipment place is getting a major facelift. That will help. Not sure of the "Road-House" though. Didn't that experiment fail with the jazz club? Now that place(jazz club) looks like it's in shambles, which is a shame because they fixed the outside up pretty nicely.That's one of the main differences with a town like Westfield and Dunellen, in that Westfield was more selective of the businesses that they invited to start up. Garwood seemed to turn around quite a bit over the last few years & I see our town as very similar in size and stature.I would just hate for the town to become the next North Plainfield(extension of Plainfield). Oh well, with the new council member elected, maybe things will start to change for the better. **Hint-Hint** Mayor and remaining council members. = ).

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Dec 2 10 3:45 AM

I think we have moved to a topic that has some merit. I have lived here for over 25 years and paid my dues to being involved for many of those years.  The problem that you see in our downtown is not a problem the council allowed to happen.  If I remember correctly - Unless you are classifed by the state as a Town Center, Transit Village, something like that, you can not stop a business from renting.  If the space was a retail establishment before, it needs no variance to change businesses as it is considered "same use" and another business goes in.  We need to get our town into one of the categories where we can address what businesses is renting, the store fronts, enforcement of ordinances, and daily maintenance in cleaning.  This means continue to move forward with redevelopment as you need a redevelopment plan.  There are also grants that come with these titles.  We then need to create committees, this is where you all come in.  Those that see problems in our town are perfect candidates to get involved.  I'm sure you heard the verse "You can't see the forest through the trees.",  having other view points and sharing them at Council Meetings helps the governing body see the forest.  Our problem is our society, the simple practice of volunteerism has died.  What I am trying to say is that the more people that go to the Council meetings and express their opinions, the more people that volunteer their time to be on the Planning Board, Parking Authority, Recreation, Shade Tree Commission, and others, helps YOUR town.   Just writing about problems on this or any other forum doesn't help the cause. 

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Dec 2 10 9:11 AM

Touche'! You are correct..How would such a subject be brought to the attention of the council members without their backlash? I was at the town meeting when the council talked about El' Tropical's OK-ing. I just see this town as becoming a service center for Plainfield/North Plainfield. I would like to be involved in the Rt. 28 clean-ups or similar projects, if it comes about again. Or wouldn't mind organizing one if that's what it takes. In the end, it's about wanting everyone to come together for all of our saftey sake! If the town looks as though noone care then outsiders will just feed off that vibe as well.

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Dec 2 10 12:37 PM

I moved her more than 25 years ago because as a child I remember walking down town with my grandfather and he seemed to know everyone.  Dunellen is a great place to live and we do have a good school system.  A little expensive, but good.  Our Police force is very good and I have total faith in Chief Cappella and his men. This town will die unless some new blood gets into its veins.
Lets not have that happen. 

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Dec 6 10 9:50 AM

It was great to hear that Mark Bieniek will be filling his fathers shoes.  Mark should be sworn in today as our new Councilman to replace his father Frank Bieniek.  Wishing him success in his new venture.
After allowing the Democratic Party to come up with a replacement for Mr. Bieniek, no name was given.  This now falls on the mayor and Council, but the position must be a Democrat.  They asked Mark and he was totally for continuing in his father footsteps. Tonight should be an interesting Council Meeting!

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Dec 28 10 7:04 AM

Hello, I am new to this forum/ town. I moved here one year ago with my husband from New York and I really love the town. I do agree with some above post about the main road in town looking a bit shabby. What ever happened with the redevelopment plan that was in place for 28? I am an architect in New York and would love to help out in anyway possible to have a "main street feel" that matches the charm and character of the town itself! Let me know how I can help!

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Dec 28 10 8:20 AM

I think the first thing is to say "Welcome to Dunellen.".
When the redevelopment comes back, they will be looking to put a committee together.  The Councilperson who has handled that before was Ken Baudendistel.  You should contact him if looking to get involved.

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Jan 19 11 5:11 PM

Hi all.I moved here to Dunellen 16 years ago and remember a man that had a meeting with the town about Downtown revitilization.He mentioned that we would need to hire someone fulltime and it would take appox 10 to 15 years.Of course everyone balked and here we are 16 years later in the same boat.I still can't understand why someone would knock down a building in the middle of town without first having the financial backing to build ,and who would let him do it in the first place?I don't think anything was wrong with the original building anyway.Maybe it didn't suit what he had in mind to build there.But I believe the building was sound and not in danger of collapse.

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Jan 22 11 8:08 PM

I believe the reason nothing has been built in the spot you're talking about is because the builder had plans and then the town committee wanted changes after the plans had already been approved.   So the builder has decided to just pay the taxes on the spot until the town allows him to build the original building he was approved for.

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Jan 25 11 11:54 AM

Nothing has been built in that spot yet because the owner lost his funding and cannot find another backer to rebuild.

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