May 6 13 6:34 AM

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For those of you who may not realize this, please understand that 'Curbing' your dog means to have your dog walk on the street side of the sidewalk. 

Some dog owners (certainly not all) seem to take great offense when asked to removed their pet from a persons property.  I'm grateful that you're removing the waste.... many choose not to.  But by allowing your dog to crap or pee there in the first place, you're inviting him and all others dogs out of habit to crap or pee there as well.  Private properties are not a public toilet for your animal.  You should be allowing them to go on the curb side...not on a persons property where the owner mows & takes care of their lawns and no it's NOT Okay to let your dog piss and crap in someone's flower garden.  I put my hands in there to weed and to plant.... i can't count how many times i find it fresh with urine or dog poop. 

Please be courteous to other residents and do not allow your animal to roam on to private property.