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Dunellen PD Dispatch moved to Piscataway system.

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Dec 1 12 3:30 PM

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I loved being able to listen to what was going on in my town. But as of two days ago, I learned that Dunellen Police have switched over to Piscataway's new encrypted radio system.

This means we won't be able to hear what's going on in town anymore. This really is a big disappointment to any police scanner hobbyists locally. What small one square mile town needs their radio traffic to be fully encrypted? I think It's a waste of tax payer money.

Encryption should be used only to hide sensitive information from the general public. Not for daily operations. I'm really disappointed. Now I'll be out of the loop about information in town.

Any thoughts on this?

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Dec 6 12 12:21 PM

Wow ya thats disappointing. Whats more is that I was never in the loop before! I would have loved to hear the banter in town, and now its too late :/

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Dec 13 12 7:38 AM

If you get an ipad or Anroid tablet, they have an app that you can listen to Dunellen one the new digital band..  Anyone with scanners needs to upgreade to an iPAD or tabletm, then just download the app..  :)

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Dec 17 12 12:38 PM

Just type in "Police Scanner" in the market place & it comes up.  You can listen to police all round the worls or your local town with the app too.  My mother has it for the IPAD....  I did it on my Android phone & it works great...

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