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Mar 27 13 4:47 PM

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As many of my neighbors I am disgusted by being charged 340 to use the toilet! Way to go dunellen! You are making good tax paying residents want to move! Anyone who can do math can see the plus side you are stating in your letter still means we are paying more than ever before to use the restroom! By the way what is a sewer authority without new employees?
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Apr 4 13 6:07 AM

I absolutely agree, the charge is outrageous and 3 times as much as they deducted from my property tax, which is waaaaaay too high already for the tiny 50 x 120 plot that I have. Obviously they found a way around the 2% tax hike limit, and that way was to invent new things to charge us for. 

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Apr 8 13 5:13 AM

I was shocked when I found this forum, and discovered only TWO residents in this town who are upset about this BS tax.......yes TAX! Let's call it what it is Dunellen..... another way for YOU to use the TAXPAYER to give YOU money to spend! I agree with both opinions above......and am in agreement that Dunellen has found a way around the tax hike protection we had from the state of New Jersey. Kudos to YOU Dunellen!
I'd like to meet Mr. William Robins in person to shake his hand on his ingenious wording in the letter announcing the new TAX, especially the part that says: "I am pleased to tell you that the average Dunellen homeowner should see a $113.00 reduction in the municipal portion of your tax bill this year."
Let's do the math...$170.00 x 2 = $340.00   Now: $340.00 - $113.00= an INCREASE of $227.00!!!! Did you get your math education in our public schools in Dunellen Mr. Robins? Or do you really believe that because you are billing us on a different piece of paper, it doesn't count as the municipal portion of our tax bill?
And how about THAT fancy language.... "the municipal portion of your tax bill"? Is that a way of saying.......... but be prepared for the school part of your tax bill to soar through the roof?
Call it what you want Dunellen......... this is a NEW TAX BURDEN for the residents in this town who work for a living. BTW: I wonder if Section 8 housing residents in this town are being billed $340.00 per household, as well!
There are intelligent people in this town who have figured this out........ but this tiny forum is a sad way for the residents to rise up as one and fight this taxation without representation. There are a lot of people who live here and don't have access to a computer, or HAVE a computer, but very basic knowledge on using it......... and will NEVER find this forum.
Sad to say........I look forward to the day I leave this town.............which I have lived in since 1994. A statement I thought I'd NEVER utter.
I'd like to thank our town council for hurting the very people who voted you into office in Dunellen. Too bad you didn't uphold the BS promises you all made while campaigning, to REPRESENT THE RESIDENTS OF DUNELLEN! Can't wait to see the new tax bill in June! YIPPEE!

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May 6 13 6:22 AM

I'm also furious at the way they presented it.

They should have sent letters out the moment they intended on extending this tax.  NOT with some BS letter along with the Utility Bill coupons.  As for the letter stating that it's separate from our tax bill and how we're receiving a $113.00 dollar credit on our tax bill....Laughable.  They'll only raise the taxes next year so that they'll never have to extend the credit.  It's not fair and it's not equitable because the Dunellen Borough Council never came forward with their intentions.  This extra tax (even though new taxes were voted down last year) is just another way to get us to pay up for services we shouldn't have to pay for in the first place.

When we purchased our home here 18 years ago, it was acute, quiet little town.  And yet year after year, it gets run further in to the ground.  Home owners reap no rewards from being here.  The council is not doing their jobs. Period.  How dare they ask for more.

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